Sound Bath



Immerse yourself in healing tones and frequencies to relax, renew, transform, and heal on multiple levels. This is my signature sound therapy session that includes bells, bowls, gongs, tuning forks, essential oils and great care. One full hour of bliss!


Tune Up



Receive a customized 'tune up' using the technology of tuning forks. Your frequencies are intuitively chosen for the needs you present at the session. May be a part of your tailored healing protocol.


Group Sessions

$100 minimum


Magnify each person's experience in a group field, created with a loving, focused intention for healing and transformation. Program customized to each group's requests and intentions. $100 minimum + travel expenses for out of town events


Packages & Series



3 Sessions for $210 :: 5 Sessions for $340 :: 10 Sessions for $650

Purchase a Session Package to go deeper in your work, amplifying the possibilities of transformation in your life. 


Sacred Event Planning



I have over 20 years experience planning events of all sizes. At this time, I am focused on planning/facilitating sacred and conscious events. Please contact me to discuss your ideas, needs or project.


Custom Jewelry

Varies by Design


One of my favorite offerings is making custom jewelry of gemstones, crystals, and other beautiful beads. I can create a piece intuited for you or a loved one, or we can discuss your personal intentions and select stones that will best assist your healing process. Each piece is lovingly made, and each bead is strung with prayers for the recipient.



Coming Soon!