Photo Credit: Krista Rossow,

Photo Credit: Krista Rossow,

I support others by facilitating healing sessions in a nurturing and held space. The container is sacred :: a safe place to express vulnerability and allow healing to occur. 


I began my own healing journey in 2000, and have been studying various healing arts, health and wellness, nutrition, cleansing, essential oils, and personal transformation ever since. I focus on self-care, personal healing work, and inner growth. I am committed to integrity, compassionate nurturing, listening, and creating a loving space for one's journey and healing to unfold. My clients reflect that it is my presence, that draws them to work with me.

All my life, I have had the desire to nurture and help people. Once I moved to Oregon in 2002, this desire became a focal point of my life. Through my own healing process, it became evident to me that my path is that of the healer. As I experience healing myself, I genuinely desire to share what I have learned with others. Being aware of this radial nature, and the influence that we have on one another, I became acutely tuned to the knowing that when a part of the whole experiences healing, a part of the collective is healed, as well.  

I recognize my role as that of a facilitator, one that creates and holds sacred space for others. Each person is responsible for their own healing process. Those I work with are taking an active part in their healing journey. I serve as a guide, a conduit for divine energy, and a teacher, sharing the many tools I have gathered on my own path.  

My intention is to work from the heart center, allow intuition to lead each session, and invite divine guidance to facilitate healing of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies. It is my pleasure and my honor to be in humble service to spirit and humanity through my life's work. I am deeply grateful to my community of clients, friends and loved ones whose love and support have blessed my life over the years. 

I truly look forward to connecting and working with you!



I am a member of the Sound Healers Association, and have received training with Jonathan Goldman ( and Dr. John Beaulieu ( I have learned much through my own direct experience of receiving sound therapy, most notably from André and Gianna Ripa of Spirit Healing Arts ( You can learn about their healing music at 

I completed an energy medicine mentorship and received my Reiki Master training with Susan Tate of Eugene Energy Medicine.