Photo Credit: Krista Rossow,  kristarossow.com

Photo Credit: Krista Rossow, kristarossow.com


Clients Share

I have been doing body work for 10 years now, and have had many different treatments and kinds of work done as a result. There is a certain quality to your presence and your intention, that I find very healing and nurturing. I can just feel how present you are, and how much love you put out in your work. This is not always the case with every practitioner, but I believe that it is the case with every great practitioner, and I want you to know that I think you are a natural! You have a pure intention to help people and this is what makes you so effective.

Tonia, LMT

Wow. I left Amy's amazing, light filled studio with nimble feet, and a full heart, ready to grasp hold of some joy, carrying out tasks and projects I have been "too busy" to attend to. It's wonderful to connect with someone so intuitive and caring who channels a real gift for inspiring right alignment and honoring the sacred-divine in each of us... I soaked in her magical sound bath and emerged refreshed and blissed out. Thank you!

Marta Giulia Cuboni, LMT, Pacific Bodyworks

I walked away after my first session with Amy feeling light as a feather and at peace with the world. It lasted for three days. In my mind, this is better than even a massage.

Philip, Eugene, OR

I have worked with Amy both in a group and private sessions.  I felt I had stepped into an instant relaxation mode, similar to a walk in the woods or under the hands of a gentle masseuse, yet different in the surprising journey my aural senses discovered.  I saw a room full of tired people melt into the experience. I highly recommend this for everyone.  It is a super treat.  Amy's intuitive sensitivity and skill is delivered with her sweet smile and alluring gesture to go on a sound healing with her.

Kathy Reardon

You are a magical healer. Your sound healing work has been profound. Every session is a journey. For me, I go into an altered state filled with visions and transformation. I leave feeling rested and aware and more at peace. I would choose this over just about any other practice, unless I need physical modification.   If only I could see you weekly. 

Amy Erenberger

At times , I feel a little depressed.  My anxiety went away.  All is well.  Feeling very positive about the treatment. You have a very calm presence that feels nice. Your healing helped a lot! It brought gratitude. You are amazing!

SC, Eugene

You've been a guiding light for me recently.  Can't begin to thank you enough.


I want to thank you again for the sound healing at the end of my pregnancy - it was pure, relaxing bliss!

Peggy Sue

During some difficult times, Amy has provided me with some powerful tools and offered healing support. I have been blessed to receive a few amazing sound healing sessions. Amy has a positive and nurturing space that is very welcoming and allows for some deep healing to happen. Amy's approach to healing is inspiring and she has worked with me to let go of some pain/trauma and also has given me suggestions of tools to use to continue to heal and grow on my own. I am always so grateful for her support and appreciate the amazing work she does! 

Freedom W.