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I use various tools in my personal and professional practice. If you choose to order through the links on my website, I receive a small commission for your purchase. Thank you in advance for your support!



Biosonics offers high-quality tuning forks that I use in my practice. Dr. John Beaulieu is one of the foremost researchers on the healing properties of sound and the effects of tuning forks on the body, as well as a naturopath, biologist and body worker. He offers his research articles and a wealth of information on his website.

Shaman’s Market

Website offering a wide array of ceremonial tools, including rattles, Tibetan bowls, bells, Palo Santo, white sage, etc.


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Danielle LaPorte

I really love this woman’s writing and creative messages, coupled with her genuine authenticity and big heart. She offers many transformative books, programs, journals, meditations, and lots of inspiration on her website. I personally use her Desire Map Planner, the weekly edition. Enjoy!